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Our Founder, Ms. Judy Gray

Ms. Judy Gray, MS Featured in Who’s Who of Professional Women

We are proud to announce that our very own Ms. Judy Gray, founder of North American Herb & Spice, has been featured in the latest Who’s Who of Professional Women, an award that recognizes her as a leader and visionary in the field of alternative medicine and business.

Who’s Who of Professional Women recognizes outstanding female professionals in their specific fields, and as such, the features presented on this website contain information about women who have achieved high levels of recognition and achievement in their chosen professions. Inclusion in the Who’s Who directory is an honor limited to individuals who have exhibited leadership and success in their industries and occupations.

It’s because of Ms. Judy’s vision, leadership, and success in creating a company like North American Herb & Spice that she has earned this honor. North American Herb & Spice is dedicated to creating the most health-giving, powerful, and therapeutic supplements and whole food complexes possible that are proven by science and the results that our customers get every day.

If you’d like to read more about Ms. Judy’s journey and vision in creating North American Herb & Spice and her dedication to the education and health of her customers, click here.

More About Our Founder, Ms. Judy Gray

Ms. Judy’s Mission is Wellness

I’m committed to healing the world with natural medicines in order to make it a better place. That is why North American Herb & Spice’s core values are commitment to excellence, virtue and enthusiasm.

I personally oversee the gathering of our ingredients, the development of our master formulations, and the triple testing of our products.  Manufactured in our own facility and overseen by our quality control team, our North American Herb & Spice products are guaranteed to deliver exceptional quality.

We take pride in having YOU as our customer and we will continue to work hard in facilitating your health journey.

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Ms. Judy’s Recommended Products

Read Ms. Judy’s Book, Kids Need Care

Kids need powerful sources of nutrition. That’s how they can have perfect health. They also need spiritual guidance and love. It’s all here in Kids Need Care by Judy K. Gray, M.S.

Whether infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, or adults -all need nutritional guidance and care.

Kids Need Care gives you this for the whole family learn:

  • How to prepare easy and delicious recipes that are more nutritious than any vitamin pill
  • How to save money and feed babies better with fresh
  • 5-minute baby food ( adults can use these, too)
  • The power of natural B vitamins for ideal health and growth
  • What minerals keep your child calm and stabilize blood sugar
  • How special natural foods improve mood and behavior immediately
  • How to protect your children-and the entire family-from dangerous food and water additives
  • How nutritional deficiencies impair the development of the brain, bones, and other organs
  • The power of love and spiritual guidance for a healthy family

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